September 2018 Court Of Honor

I think we were all AMAZED at the number of awards handed out at the September Court of Honor …

  • 58 Merit badges
  • 6 Rank Advancements ( Congratulations to Cole, Melvin, Carter, Nick, James and Austin )
  • Sporktastic awards
  • 1 Patrol Cup award ( congratulations Bacon for winning this like a bazillion times )
  • 2 Summer Camp awards for the Best New Scout and Best Overall Scout  ( Congratulations Jacob and Rahul )
  • …. and one VERY badly sung version of “Rule Britannia”

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all the parents and leaders who have worked with the scouts to make these awards happen.

Mt Monadnock

We all had a GREAT hike up Mt Monadnock, some of the more seasoned scouts took the very challenging “Spellman Trail” to the summit, the rest of us took a more relaxing path to the top.

James gave a great demonstration on “Mountain Top Cooking” – and whose idea was the Hawaiian shirts ?