About Treasure Valley

Treasure Valley Scout Reservation is a 1600-acre facility owned and operated by the BSA’s Mohegan Council. It was founded in 1925.

The entrance to the reservation is at 394 Pleasantdale Road in Rutland MA. It is about 40 minutes from Grafton. The reservation itself spans over the towns of Rutland, Paxton, and Oakham, and borders Browning Pond. To make reservations, contact the Council Office at (508) 752-376.

“Treasure Valley East”, on the eastern side of Browning Pond, caters primarily to Boy Scouts. There are many campsites, a rifle range, an archery range, a shotgun range, a COPE course, and other areas.

“Treasure Valley West”, on the western side of the pond, caters┬áprimarily┬áto Cub Scouts. Cub Scout Day Camp and Webelos Resident Camp are held at a dedicated area here, which has an archery range and a bb-gun range. There are swimming and fishing areas on the West side, too. Sampson’s Pebble, a popular landmark on the property, is located on a trail near the Conference Center.

Here’s a printable (PDF) roadmap of Treasure Valley detailing campsites and buildings.