Registration & Medical Forms

regformScouts new to Troop 106 will need to register by filling out the below forms. Transfers (or Cub Scouts crossing over) are handled with the same forms. Please ignore the $1 fee information – transfers and cross-overs are free.

Adults need to register too, by filling out the following forms:

Finally, all scouts and adults need to complete Annual Health & Medical Record (AHMR) Forms. These forms have been updated as of February 2014, but older versions of the form can continue to be used until 2015.

For outdoor events including camping that are less than 72 hours in duration, please fill out sections A & B.

For outdoor events that are greater than 72 hours in duration, such as Summer Camp, please fell out sections A, B, & C.

For High Adventure Scout Bases (ex. Seabase, Philmont), there are venue-specific forms that will be needed.