Treasure Valley Woodsman Weekend

On November 19th, 2016, Grafton Troop 106 had to get at St Mary at 6.30AM. The parents who drove us to Treasure Valley were Mr Noel, Mr Chiu
, Mr Gleason, Mr Rodrique and Mr Anderson. The people at the woodsman were, Teddy A, Paul, img_6471Cole, Chester, Jake, Teddy G, Stephen, Matt, Rahul, Melvin, Brian, Garrett, Tristin, Ryan, Nick, Wesley, Kenton and John. At the woodsman we did tomahawk, rifle and archery. During the day a lot of boys got things signed off by the leaders. Scoutmaster Alderton taught us about orienteering. The troop served great meals. Troop 106 slept at Hemlocks. At night we had a campfire and did some camp file songs. In the morning it rained and snowed.