West Point Camporee 2017: April 28th – 30th

From April 28th – 30th, Troop 106 went to West Point, New York to attend the West Point Camporee 2017.

We drove down in the morning and once we got to West Point, started a difficult hike which was about 3 miles. It sure didn’t feel like it! Many scouts became very tired and barely finished the hike.

The rest of the day Friday was uneventful. There was a SPL and Scoutmaster’s meeting, both of which lasted for 1 hour.


Saturday Morning was when the fun began! Scouts woke up at 6 AM to be ready for Physical Training (PT) at 6:15 AM. That lasted from about 30 – 45 minutes and then the Troop started to cook breakfast. After that, we went to the Opening Ceremony, where scouts saw cadets parachute onto the field where everyone was standing.

After the opening, the Troop split up into 2 West Point ‘patrols,’ one led by Rahul H. and the other by James A.

Patrols went through ‘graded events,’ where they were graded on how well they completed the task and how they worked together.

The graded events were: Camouflage, First Aid, Knot Tying, Drill, LRC, Fire Building, Wilderness Survival, Ranger Challenge, Swiss Seat, Kim’s Game, Commander’s Challenge, Zodiac Challenge, Fitness Challenge, Weapons, Knowledge Baseball, and TAC Challenge.

After the sites closed, our scorecards were turned in, and then we had dinner at our campsites.

Later in the night, there was a campfire for all of the Troops at West Point. It was really big. There was a DJ and music playing in the background as well. Once the campfire was over, Troop 106 went back to the campsite, waiting for the Scouts that went missing for most of the campfire (All of them made it back safely).


Sunday, the final day of the Camporee, was used to award the winners of the graded events. Troop 106 did not win any of the events.

After that, we headed back to the campsite, and while some Scouts made the lunches for the rest of the Troop, everyone else packed up their things and cleaned up the campsite.

We ate lunch at a rest stop, and reached back at St. Mary’s Church all muddy and dirty. Parents must have been surprised to see the Scouts so muddy!