2017 Dec Court of Honor

Congratulation to all the Scouts who earned merit badges and moved up in rank at our Dec 2017 Court of Honor! Thanks to all the parents/families – we (and the Scouts) could not have accomplished all these things without your commitment and support!  Happy Holidays!!!

Our new PCL team:

SPL: Melvin H
ASPL: Alex H
ASPL: Matt L

Scribe: Josh R
Chaplin Aid: Michael R
Librarian: Wesley C
Webmaster: Jack G
Quarter Master: James B
Bugler: Josh R

Patrol Leader:

Atomic Dolphin: Michael R
Bacon: Paul N
Flying Pigs: James B
T-Bird: Teddy J


Rank advancement: Merit Badges:
Life: Rahul H Devin D: Space Exploration
Second Class: Rajat B, Paul N Alex H: Citizenship in Community, Citizenship in Nation, Citizenship in World
Scout: Devin D, Nick S Rahul H: Citizenship in Community, Family Life
Tenderfoot: Kenton O Melvin H: Citizenship in Community